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Location Central part of Hattu schist belt, 8 kilometres south of Pampalo mine
Geology Archean orogenic quartz-tourmaline rich lode in a tonalitic porphyry dyke
Claim Area Mining concession. 61 hectares
Discovered 1984
Drilling 9580 metres diamond drilling, 349 metres RC-drilling

Rämepuro: Long Section View of Model Coloured by Gold Grade

The deposit Rämepuro is situated 10 kilometres south of Pampalo and has good conditions to be integrated with the future production structure around Pampalo. The mineralisation is located in the contact zone between mica schist in the west and intermediate tuff in the east. The gold mineralisation exists in up to three metres wide quartz-tourmaline veins. The mineralised zone is open to depth and along the strike. The drilling has followed it to the strike direction for many kilometres. The Company’s claims protect the areas in which the mineralisation continues. Endomines owns the mining licence for the deposit Rämepuro’s central parts.


Drilling carried out in the deposit Rämepuro. The mineralised zone is open to north and south, and the
drilling have followed it to the strike direction for many kilometres.


The deposit Rämepuro has been examined by core drilling during many separate periods in 1985-2007. A total of 7 730 metres divided into 90 holes have been drilled. Some of the older cores have too thin dimensions for the assays to be representative considering the mineralisation, and that is why these older results has not been included to the released mineral resource estimation.

Drilling extends to a depth of approximately 220 metres below surface and the mineralisation has been modelled and estimated to a depth of 140 metres. The mineral resource estimate is based entirely on surface diamond drilling data, although some historical RC holes drilled within the resource area were excluded due to their age and uncertainty in collar position.

Besides these drillings, there has been geophysical surveys carried out in the area in the 1980s and in 1997 some smaller areas were stripped. In July 2007 Geological Survey of Finland did geophysical IP-survey in the area. Runge LtD made an estimation of the tonnage and grades in the deposit Rämepuro in 2008.

This resulted indicated mineral resources of 162 000 t with gold grade of 4,3 g/t (23 000 oz) and inferred mineral resources of 61 000 t with gold grade of 4,1 g/t (8 000 oz). The estimations have been carried out with a 0,5 g/t gold cut-off.

The resources were classified as Indicated and Inferred Mineral Resources. The Indicated portion of the resources was defined where the drill spacing was 20 metres by 20 metres and lode and grade continuity at greater than 1g/t was good. The Inferred Resources included areas of the resources where sampling was greater than 20 metres by 20 metres, small isolated pods of mineralisation outside the main mineralised zones (generally defined by 3 or less holes), geologically complex zones, areas of the resources within the >0,5g/t but <1g/t Au cut off wireframe and deep zones where the drilling density was low.

The resource and reserve estimates comply with recommendations in the Australasian Code for Reporting of Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves prepared in 2004 by the Joint Ore Reserves Committee (JORC).

The Rämepuro mineralisation is open to depth, north and south. That is why Endomines considers to increase resources in further studies.

Classification of Mineral Resource


Rämepuro Ore Reserves


A three-dimensional model of the mining area at Rämepuro.

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